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The Decagon House Murders v. 1

A vol. 1 and first impressions review

A panel from the first volume of the manga series "The Decagon House Murders"
A full-page spread from v.1

So, I read The Decagon House Murders (Jukkakukan no Satsujin) v.1 by Yukito Ayatsuhi and Kiyohara Hiro. The Decagon House Murders is a classic murder mystery manga based on the novel of the same name. It follows a group of undergrad and grad students from the Mystery Club as they spend their spring break at a famous house, the titular "The Decagon House." The famous house is located on a deserted island and has a violent history. Murder and drama ensues.

This is an ensemble cast manga, and the characters are using famous mystery writers as pseudonyms. If you're a big mystery buff, you'll get a kick out of the authors they choose. Even if you're not a mystery buff, there will be at least one or two authors you'll recognize and a nice glossary to fill in the rest.

The glossary from The Decagon House Murders v.1 manga
The glossary

I really enjoyed this first volume. The art is fire. If you're looking for something to read after Sherlock-style mystery series like Case Closed and the BBC Sherlock manga, or you just want to read a classic "who dunnit"-style murder mystery, I'd recommend this one.

The Decagon House Murders is published in English by Kodansha as a digital-only/"digital-first" title as of this review, but don't let that stop you. I read this first volume via my library, and perhaps you can too. Read it if you get the chance! Also, check out the original novel, which has been published in English by Pushkin Press.

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