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Kiruru Kill Me v. 1 by Yasuhiro Kanou

A review of volume 1 and first impressions

close up of front cover of the manga "Kiruru Kill Me" on a brown side table. This is the first volume of the series.

I read the first volume of Kiruru Kill Me by Yasuhiro Kanou. I'm not familiar with the mangaka's other series Pretty Face, and I have no desire to seek it out at this time. I picked up this new series because of its premise. Premise is simple; super-rich, super talented and good-looking scion of a pharma company falls in love with a female assassin. He doesn't know his way around love, but he knows business so he comes to the logical conclusion of ordering a hit on himself. Action, romance, and comedy ensues.

Nemo, the scion, comes prepared for the beat down one would expect from an assassin, and there's a great battle of wits and skills between himself and the assassin Kiruru. The back-and-forth between Kiruru and Nemo is laugh-out-loud funny. I especially love the hospital scene.

Fair warning, the story features a lot of ecchi/smut and fan service, which doesn't surprise me, but what did surprise me is the amount of 4th wall breaks and comments in regards to Nemo's thoughts/actions. While funny, perhaps its for the teen audience's benefit to drive home the point as to how absurd this all is as this is a Shonen Jump+ manga, but as an adult reader, I find it all the more charming. I think the story will develop and go places as we're introduced to other assassins and parts of their world. We're also introduced to supporting characters and potential love rivals in this volume.

back cover of the manga "Kiruru Kill Me" on a brown end table. This is the first volume of the series.

While Kiruru Kill Me may develop a little beyond its initial premise, I hope this is a short series as it could overstay it's welcome (with me anyway). I'm going to continue, but I'll be treading lightly. I don't hate Kiruru Kill Me, but I'm not in love with it either. If you're looking for an action romcom with adult characters or you're familiar with the mangaka's earlier work Pretty Face, then definitely give Kiruru KIll Me a shot.

Check out the manga via Seven Seas.

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