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The Magical Manga 8 Ball

A mysterious shop keeper appears.

corner shop stock image

Welcome, weary hunter. Step into my office. Come sit. Make yourself at home. Can I get you something? Coffee? Tea? Water? Or would you care to share a glass with me? If not, I can fix you something else. I got a full bar.



You seem troubled. Want to clue me in?


Yeah, that's tough. It's always a hassle trying to find your next big read, especially when you've just read [peak fiction]. There's too much manga, and yet not enough. Know what I mean?

wine being poured into glass; stock image

But, you came to the right place. With the help of technology, I have invented a manga recommendation machine that's part oracle and part billiard ball. Behold, the power of The Magical Manga 8 Ball 1000!

Magic 8 Ball image

Don't laugh. This baby may look like a simple magic 8 ball, but don't be fooled. It's quite powerful. See for yourself. If you have a specific manga in mind, then ask The Magical Manga 8 Ball 1000 if you should read it. Otherwise, just shake it to find out what you really should be reading.

See? What did I tell ya? Here you go, on the house free of charge:

Until next time. Have a great day and Happy reading!

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