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The Mermaid and the Prince by Tada Yumi

A Full Review

close up of front manga cover of "The Mermaid and the Prince" on a brown end table

The Mermaid and the Prince is a oneshot by Tada Yumi. My Glacier Bay Books collection keeps growing, and every time I mention them, I feel the need to preface that I'm not an indie manga collector or reader BUUUT...

I bought this story mostly for the art. I wouldn't have bought this manga if Glacier Bay Books didn't offer a pre-order bonus. The bonus was throwing in the e-book along with the physical book. So, about that physical book. This book is small. It's 6 x 4 in, which is the size of a good photograph.

back cover of the manga "The Mermaid and the Prince" on a brown end table

Also, the manga is very short at 23 pages, and the story is just a quick re-telling of The Little Mermaid, which is fine and reason #2 why I bought this book. (I love fairytales!) The book and pages are made of cardboard-like material with a matte finish. It's easy to scratch so be careful. The binding is threaded and stiff to open and close. Finally, the whole book, including the gallery, is in color. The gallery is 11 pages and can be found at the back of the book. (Note that the e-book doesn't have the gallery.) Overall, a nice little, indie collector's item.

artistic photo shows a page from the art gallery in the manga book "The Mermaid and the Prince". Picture shows a man cradling a cat.

Check out the manga via Glacier Bay Books. Follow the mangaka on Twitter and Instagram.

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