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That Manga Hunter's Top Blog Posts of 2022

Here are my top seven most-viewed posts of 2022

The following seven posts are my most viewed and popular posts of 2022. I'm happy that ya'll got some enjoyment out of them.

1. Should Shojo Beat Grow Up?

Date published: August 24, 2022

VIZ's premiere imprint for female readers Shojo Beat turns 18 in July 2023. With the impending anniversary, I wrote an article discussing the history of Shojo Beat and examining its place in the broader shoujo/josei landscape.

2. Upcoming, interesting, and new shoujo/josei releases of 2022

Date published: March 21, 2022

A list of upcoming, interesting, and new shoujo/josei releases that I find interesting and maybe you will too!

3. Show Me the Shoujo!

Date published: November 8, 2022

This is a rant about manga demographics and the lack of female-targeted works in people's collections.

4. Manga Impossible: License to Read

Date published: July 17, 2022

Here's how to request your favorite manga to be published in English. Let's manifest some licenses!

5. Upcoming, interesting, and new Seven Seas releases of 2023

Date published: November 23, 2022

Looking at several upcoming manga, webtoons, and other works published by Seven Seas from January 2023 and beyond!

6. Who Wants to Marry a Billionaire? vol. 1

Date published: May 22, 2022

I review the first volume of this erotic thriller.

I thought it was going to be another trash harem series for Seven Seas' mature Ghost Ship imprint. However, I reconsidered that thought when Seven Seas teased the front and back cover on socials. That's when I read the synopsis, sought out some more info, and realized, "Oh, it has a PLOT."

(NOTE: Who Wants to Marry a Billionare? is intended for a mature audience. 🔞)

7. Love & Heart vol. 1-5

Date published: November 29, 2022

I review the first five volumes of this dark and mature-rated romance series.

Love & Heart (Koi to Shinzou) by Chitose Kaido is a 10-volume romance/mystery/horror manga. Serialized on Hakushensha's Manga Park app from 2017 to 2021, Love & Heart is about a college frosh named Yoh Yagisawa and how her life got flipped upside down after reuniting with an old childhood friend and living with him. Yen Press is currently releasing the series in print and digital.

In summary, Love & Heart is successful at being a mystery romance with horror themes thus far, and I'm really enjoying the series. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, especially those who are sensitive to certain topics and themes, but if you're looking for a dark romance between young adults (both characters are 18), definitely read Love & Heart.

(NOTE: Love & Heart is intended for a mature audience. 🔞)

That's All!

Looking forward to reading, researching, and writing more posts in 2023. Thank you for visiting my blog. See you next year!

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