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A Beautiful Journey by Saicoink

A Full Review

manga "A Beautiful Journey" sitting on an end table; front cover shows Richard and Seigi enjoying dinner on a train.

A Beautiful Journey by Saicoink is a shounen-ai BL doujin based on the non-BL mystery light novel series (turned manga turned anime) The Case Files of Jeweler Richard (Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei). This was a special release through Glacier Bay Books, and it came with a lot of nice extras. The extras include a bookmark, postcard print, sticker, and a small booklet from the doujin author Saicoink.

a postcard, bookmark, sticker, and zine depicting characters from the manga "A Beautiful Journey"

So, the book itself. The book has a sparkly laminated front, back, and inside cover. The same angel postcard print is inside as a color page. The book is bi-lingual on purpose as Saicoink explains in the "Author Notes." I can't read Japanese, but I find the thoughtful inclusion fun and fitting since the titular Richard is multi-lingual.

close up of Seigi and Richard. Richard blows out a match.

The original story is a slice-of-life mystery series following Richard and his shop assistant Siegi as they run Étranger, a jewelry appraisal store. The men listen to the client's problems related to jewelry and help them solve their problems.

However, the doujin ditches the mystery part and focuses on the "romance" and partnership between Richard and Seigi. A Beautiful Journey is a chill, slice-of-life romance that's told in 230 pages. Super cute! Super fluffy! The book does reference the light novel, but if you've watched the anime, you'll be fine. I had seen the 12-episode anime (available via Crunchyroll) way before I got this book, and I enjoyed it. The manga and light novel have been licensed by Seven Seas. I give this "fanbook" an 8/10.

back cover of a "A Beautiful Journey" features Richard and Seigi rowing on the ocean in the background; pudding and other deserts on top of nice dishware are in the foreground.

Follow Saicoink on Twitter. The book is no longer available via Glacier Bay Books, but you can get it officially from the mangaka here.

What to read/watch after A Beautiful Journey:

  • Opened Closed Spaces by Saicoink (via Glacier Bay Books)

  • Purin no Kunihoshi: Sweet Purin Dreams by Saicoink (Jeweler Richard BL doujinshi available via Saicoink's site)

  • Seven Days: Monday to Sunday by Venio Tachibana and Rihito Takarai (BL)

  • The Case Files of Jeweler Richard anime, light novel, and manga

  • The Mermaid and the Prince by Tada Yumi

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