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Slumbering Beauty by Yumi Unita

A Full Review

volume 1 cover of Slumbering Beauty by Yumi Unita

Slumbering Beauty (Nemurime Hime) is a two-volume supernatural slice-of-life series written and drawn by the same mangaka as Bunny Drop. I disliked Bunny Drop (you know, the ending), but Slumbering Beauty is unproblematic.

This is a friendship story. This story is about a high school girl who loves to sleep and a Slumber Spirit whose job it is to make people sleep and wake them up. It's short. It's okay. The art is the best thing about this manga.

If you happen to find it out in the wild (for me it was my library), then by all means, read it. 6/10.

Seven Seas publishes Slumbering Beauty.

What to read/watch after reading Slumbering Beauty:

  • In/sprectre by Chasiba Katase and Kyou Shirodaira

  • Leaving Our Truths to the Shooting Star by MIto Satou (available digital-only via Manga Club)

  • Noragami by Adachitoka

  • Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty by Megumi Morino

  • WATCH the Bunny Drop anime could read Bunny Drop at your own risk. IDK. I can't tell you what to do.

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